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Mental Health Services for Free!

Thanks Xero supporting small businesses.


Mental Health Support for Free!

Do you have a Xero Business or Premium subscription?

There is an amazing offer Xero has with XAP (Xero Assistance Programme)
• Available to your staff
• Available to your children in the household
• Three consults per issue. (after a review may be able to extend)
• Assistance for more than one issue.
• Call centre for urgent cases.

Benestar is the business system for Counsellors that is supporting the Xero initiative.
All psychologists under XAP have a minimum of five years’ experience, there is a call centre for urgent cases or you can check the wellness workers nearby and see who you may prefer after reading their profile.

This is a pilot programme for twelve months until October.

The philosophy is to get help early and by this being free enable mental wellness so that small business owners can be back to work or manage life and work.

Remember this could be for financial stress, parenting issues, maybe grievance but it does not have to be just for business issues.

This is a project programme so lets hope it can be continued.

Thanks Xero for supporting small business.

If you need to talk and to know more e-mail

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