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Xero & Mobile Applications (APPS)

What is small businesses saying?

"Our business is only small and we don't think we need this now but maybe later when we grow"
Just like having the right network of people, businesses needs the right tools.

Do you have employees? From the 1st April 2019 it will be compulsory to file the return online from a payroll system.

Do you have a high volume of jobs & trouble with scheduling work ?Then a small business app will help your staff complete a checklist , order parts, invoice at the job and allocate workers to their next job. So an option is ServiceM8 which integrates with Xero and has these features.

Do you provide quotes and then forget to assign all relevant costs to the job ? Projects in Xero will allow you to allocate these expenses to the job and any time or tasks applicable.

Are you a construction firm wanting to allocate many tasks across job types then Workflow max has a more sophisticated project costing system.

Maybe you have other issues with inventory control, accommodation booking, retail commerce and debtor management so they can pay you faster through various pay apps.

Whatever your business 'pain points' there will be a application that integrates with Xero after all there are over 500 of them!

To grow your business you need to stream line your quotes, invoicing and payment systems.
Manage your stock levels, track your expenses to jobs for correct pricing and ensure staff are allocated work efficiently and customers work is undertaken on time.

This will assist your business profitability, on time management, product ordering, ease of payments and professionalism.

Let me help you grow your business brand now.