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Our Services

Breaking the Mould of Rigid Accountancy

CW Chartered Accountants are based in the Waikato and tailor accounting services to suit your business.  We help businesses develop their accounting skills and understanding, to empower them to better control their finances.

Small or medium businesses with 5 or 100 employees, we can help you better understand accounting processes to make more informed decisions.  We can show you the technology solutions to operate more efficiently and get rid of redundant outdated processes.

We provide support with Tax Compliance, Financial Reporting, Accounting Software Support, Tax Training, Business Mentoring and Cash-flow reporting.  We can also refer you to a relevant expert if we think your business would benefit.

Tax Compliance & Financial Reporting For

  • Individuals
  • Sole Traders
  • Partnerships
  • Look Through Company (LTC)
  • Trusts
  • Not for Profits & Charities

Software support

Get to know accounting software with our personalised training and it will make the job easier.

Let us review your software systems to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Tax Training

Get familiar with tax terminology without all the jargon. 

We will teach you to understand your numbers.

Our accounting services involve sitting with our clients and educating them about taxes in the most engaging and approachable way. This means simple language, a step-by-step process, and an assurance that we’re progressing your business.

We assess your business’ situation to give accurate tax advice, tackling those bigger issues that have been ‘put away in the cupboard’

Business Mentoring

Establish realistic business goals, and identify the steps to achieve them.

For all our large and small business accounting services, we offer a holistic health-check of your business. This allows us to work on problems together and establish a strategy to drive your business forward.

Cash-flow Reporting

We’ll help you find time to ‘put down the tools’ and focus on your business.

Keeping track of cash within your business is vital. We understand it can be difficult to maintain your cash-flow throughout multiple projects.

With our expert approach to large and small business accounting, especially with trading industries, we’ll find the right tools and strategies to assist you with business processes – implementing the perfect solution for you.

Expert Referral

As networking experts, we build a support structure around your business by connecting you with like-minded business owners.

With referrals and laid-back networking events, we connect you to other industry experts who can help you with specific problems or concerns.

Our unique approach to accounting services has helped our clients to develop solid relationships with other professionals in the community.