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Software Health Check & Refresher

​Do you know how to use your business tools?

We recommend a software refresher.

Your business may use cloud accounting and business software but are you using all the bells and whistles?

When you first set up your software people tend to focus on knowing what they need at the time which is how to invoice.

Have a refresher on all function and ways to reduce input time, timely invoicing, costing methods and workflow.

Cloud accounting software is to make the accounting operation 'fun' and more 'stream lined' to give back time that is not now required in the office at the end of the day.

Review the security settings and set up two factor authentication. What permission levels do your employees have and how often are they updated?

What are the added features within the package or applications that can be switched on when required. Do not look for other software to assist the business without understanding fully what your current system includes
Keep your business tools sharpened.

CW Chartered Accountants are available to keep the business software fine- tuned and discuss options of compatible applications to ease the business "pain points".